It is an international project, where chosen students from the third grades of secondary schools meet in one of the partner schools, and they do a research on a certain topic all week long. The official languge of these sessions is English, which is a big benefit for the students. Students broaden their knowledge of the language in real situations, and they learn technical terms. They also learn new methods of the research, they meet new friends, and they experience the way of life in various countries, and in different schools. This year, this 18th anniversary meeting was held at our school.

Informace o projektu v ČJ


Topic of the project: Sustainable development of the Veselí region

Date: 30th May to 3rd June 2016

Theme groups:
1) Health and Nutrition
2) Energy and Sustainability
3) Sustainable food - beer, soft drinks water
4) Peat and its use - Borkovická Blata
5) Sand pit complex and the effects of sand exploitation - ornithological and botanical observations, measurements of water quality, sand extraction.


Information on Establishment of the International Visegrad Fund for cooperation in the field of culture, education, science, youth and international cooperation

Agreement establishing the International Visegrad Fund was signed on 9th June 2000 at a meeting of Prime Ministers of the V-4 countries in Prague. Its goal is to support activities in the areas of support and development of cultural cooperation, scientific exchanges, research, education, youth and cross-border cooperation.

Objectives of the Fund will be implemented through projects funded by the International Visegrad Fund. The grant may be applied for by a legal and physical person for a specific project only. The Fund will prefer to finance those projects which involve the largest possible number of subjects from the V-4 States. The financial contribution of the Fund will generally not exceed 50% of total project costs.

Activities of the Fund will be funded from contributions regularly provided by the contracting parties. The first annual contribution to the fund is one million Euros and it is divided equally between the Parties.

Information about applications will be provided to applicants by the Secretariat of the Fund. More information is available on the website or www.visegrad.info or www.visegradfund.org.

Fund Address:
International Visegrad Fund
Kralovske udolie 8
811 02 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

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